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Archive / 2022 / 03

A Cranky Christmas Carol - Starring E"baby"neezer Scrooge

Once upon a time, there was a vet (Dr Linda) who worked for a very mean boss (Ebabyneezer Scrooge). The only day she ever got off was Christmas day because Baby Scrooge was a real penny pincher and wa...
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Baby (the birdy clinic mascot) discovers laser therapy

Hi guys. I had a bit of a sore wing last week, so Dr Linda said she would do laser therapy to make me feel better. Although it did work and my wing is back to its best, I must admit I didn't think thi...
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Baby's Valentines

So what's got my goat this month? LOVEBIRDS! What a pathetic excuse for a bird. I mean, look at them, just sitting there, looking boring. They're not even loving themselves!. Check out my gorgeous pic...
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