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Archive / 2022

Baby's mission statement

I cannot believe that the team had a training day without me. I am the birdy clinic mascot after all! The team have been working on the clinic vision and mission statement.  I have come up with my own...
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Baby's Mother's Day Blog

Hi all! It's May again and mother's day is coming up fast. I got thinking about what mothers mean to me and I realised that anyone can be a good mother and that sometimes giving a home to those less f...
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Baby's (the birdy clinic mascot) April fool's day blog.

It is with great sadness we are announcing that this will be the last Baby Blog.  Baby has been an incredible clinic mascot and companion, always making us laugh with his amusing antics. But after 15 ...
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A Cranky Christmas Carol - Starring E"baby"neezer Scrooge

Once upon a time, there was a vet (Dr Linda) who worked for a very mean boss (Ebabyneezer Scrooge). The only day she ever got off was Christmas day because Baby Scrooge was a real penny pincher and wa...
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Baby (the birdy clinic mascot) discovers laser therapy

Hi guys. I had a bit of a sore wing last week, so Dr Linda said she would do laser therapy to make me feel better. Although it did work and my wing is back to its best, I must admit I didn't think thi...
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Baby's Valentines

So what's got my goat this month? LOVEBIRDS! What a pathetic excuse for a bird. I mean, look at them, just sitting there, looking boring. They're not even loving themselves!. Check out my gorgeous pic...
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