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Archive / 2018

Baby calls the Moffat Beach Vet Cup

Welcome to the Moffat Vet Cup. We have word of a late scratching - "Surgical Steele" has realised that it has been over 11 years since she worked a Tuesday so she's not fit to race on th...
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Would you choose a bird or a blobfish for a pet?

Baby Blog: Would you choose a bird or a blobfish for a pet!!! Dr Vanessa told me today that the queen's favourite pets are corgis and horses. That made me wonder what your favourite pets are. I w...
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Baby hits number one on the song Charts!!!

Dr Vanessa told me today that there is a top 10 list of the best singing birds in the world. With spring here at last I am making my move to get onto that list. The yellow tailed black cockatoo is nu...
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Baby Birdsworth Blog:

Winter is here again and I thought I would regale you with a poem I wrote….. Wings freezing Icicles drip from my beak Nobody cares when they hear me wheezing Too bad if the roof over my cage...
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Birdie Trump for Moffat Beach President!!!

With July approaching and American Independence Day on the 4th, I got to think about the most powerful man in the world and how much we have in common. For a start, we both have great hairdos. Many pe...
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What kind of mum are you?

Take my special quiz to find out what type of mum you are. 1. Your toddler chucks a tantrum in the supermarket because they want you to buy a chocolate. Do you… a. Buy the chocolate to s...
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Puppy Preschool April 2018

Congratulations to our recent beautiful puppy preschool graduates Frank, Lilly, Misty and Penny. Nurse Jo was super impressed with how well behaved you all were and we look forward to watching you all...
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The science behind Animal Magnetism

Have you ever felt your patience draining away as you watched a dog find the perfect toilet spot and then proceed to sniff and spin in circles until finally finding a position and doing their business...
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Baby (the birdy clinic mascot) is behaving beautifully for Polite Pets Month, March 2018

Hello all! Just a short message this month to let you know I have been on my best behaviour for polite pets month. I have not done a poo on the microscope cover once. I have not bitten anyone. I have ...
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Baby's Valentine Blog

I know I sometimes come across as a cantankerous old bird but Valentine’s day has got me feeling the love this February so I thought I’d give you all a glimpse of my softer side with this...
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Celebratory Pupcakes

These yummy pupcakes are perfect for a special celebration with your pooch. (Perfect for Valentine's day). They only take 15 minutes to make and the recipe is enough for 6 pupcakes. Ingredients: ...
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