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What kind of mum are you?

Take my special quiz to find out what type of mum you are. 

1.   Your toddler chucks a tantrum in the supermarket because they want you to buy a chocolate. Do you…

a.    Buy the chocolate to shut them up and get the hell out of there
b.    Ignore the tantrum and calmly carry on with your shopping
c.    Throw yourself on the floor and start screeching at the top of your voice.
2.   You thought your son had been doing a great job with his homework every night until you found out he’d been copying the answers off the internet. Do you….
a.    Gently explain to your son that cheating is wrong and pay for a private tutor.
b.    Ground him for the rest of his life
c.    Hack into his favourite website and change all the answers so he fails miserably
3.   Your teenager is at a party and they haven’t come home by curfew. Do you…
a.    wait up all night worrying but don’t say anything to them – you don’t like conflict and would hate to upset your precious child
b.    get in the car and drive round to the party and make them come home with you
c.    set up an elaborate booby trap in the front yard complete with spotlights and camera to capture the moment of surprise, then post the photo on facebook to totally humiliate your wayward child.
If you answered mostly a’s, you need to harden up and come to Baby’s “parenting school of tough love”. 
If you answered mostly b’s, you are doing a pretty fair job but could still benefit from a weekend course at Baby’s “parenting school of tough love”.
If you answered mostly c’s, you are awesome and should apply for a teaching job at Baby’s “parenting school of tough love”.


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