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Baby's New Years Resolution for 2020

Wow! Did last year absolutely fly by or what! Well, with the New Year upon us, I have taken the time to sit down and write down some resolutions. I have some great plans for the year ahead!

  • Ensure that each day when the team arrive at work, that I scream for 1 hour (a daily exercise regime is important for health and exercising my voice counts, right?)
  • Try to chew up as much paperwork as possible (I think of this as my way of helping out potentially overworked team and preventing burn out – the more important the paperwork, the better to chew up so that way only the less important jobs are hanging over their heads)
  • Poop on at least one team member’s shoulder each day (its important to ensure you keep regular)
  • Bite or peck team members at least once a week (exercise, exercise, exercise people – it is great for both your physical and mental health)  

So what New Year’s Resolutions have you guys got planned – drop me a line and let me know.

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