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Baby's Mother's Day Blog


Hi all! It's May again and mother's day is coming up fast. I got thinking about what mothers mean to me and I realised that anyone can be a good mother and that sometimes giving a home to those less fortunate is the ultimate expression of motherly love. I mean, we all admire Angelina Jolie and her rainbow family - am I right? So I went ahead and adopted four beautiful children in need of a loving home. Sadly, it turns out I'm not really the mothering type. The cat kept trying to eat me so I sent it back to the shelter within the hour. A week later, the possum (or was it a chinchilla?) had to go. A bird needs his beauty sleep and it kept running through the ceiling, thumping and crashing around.
So then it was just me, Bugs and Lassie. But after a fortnight, I got sick of Lassie - she was just such a dobber, always coming and telling me some story about Dr Linda being stuck down a well and needing to be rescued (when she was really just on the toilet). 
Well, things were working out great for me and Bugs. He was so sweet and snuggly, cheap to feed (plenty of grass in the backyard) but then disaster struck. Turns out Bugs wasn't as cheap to look after as I thought. Someone dobbed me in to the Queensland government - "apparently" it's illegal to keep rabbits in Queensland and I was copped with a WHOPPING fine of $44 000.
Next time, I'll leave mothering to the experts.

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