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A Cranky Christmas Carol - Starring E"baby"neezer Scrooge

Once upon a time, there was a vet (Dr Linda) who worked for a very mean boss (Ebabyneezer Scrooge). The only day she ever got off was Christmas day because Baby Scrooge was a real penny pincher and wanted to earn as much profit as he could. So one day, Dr Linda decided she needed to teach Baby about the spirit of christmas. She got three of her colleagues to dress up as ghosts and visit Baby Scrooge for the three nights leading up to Christmas. The first to visit was Dr Vanessa - the ghost of Christmas past. "Baby, remember back before we had the animal emergency centre to do the after hours work and we would have to man the phones over the Christmas long weekend. Everytime they rang they would wake you up and disturb your rest. Wouldn't it be great if you could give us all a bit more time off so you would never have to be disturbed from your sleep again?"
Baby Scrooge only screeched and flapped his wings "Yes, and I also remember how much profit I made over those long weekends when I kept all your overtime pay myself hahahaha!"
The next night, Baby was visited by Dr Brad - the ghost of Christmas presents (pun intended - I know it is meant to be present as in present day but it is much more fun this way). "Ho Ho HO! " laughed Dr Brad "Merry Christmas! I have brought you a sackful of presents on my surfboard" He then dumped the whole bag of birdy treats into Baby Scrooge's cage. "Imagine how many more presents you could get if only you would be a nice bird and give your staff more time off!'
Baby Scrooge only screeched and flapped his wings "Imagine how many more presents I could just buy myself on birdie ebay if you lazy slackers would work on Christmas day! Get back to work!"
On the third and final night, Baby was visit by Dr Bri - the ghost of Christmas future. She came dressed in gypsy robes and carried with her a magical crystal ball that could tell the future (which coincidentally she was also able to use to magically diagnose any medical condition presented to her)
"Baby Scrooge I have been sent to fortell your future. Because you don't treat your staff well, you will be lonely on Christmas day and no one will come and visit you or feed you special Christmas treats or scratch your neck and tickle your cheeks. You will die a lonely old bird!"
Baby Scrooge only screeched and flapped his wings "Yes, but I will die stinking rich and instead of leaving any money to the clinic in my will, I shall instruct my lawyers to flush it all down the toilet. Maybe then, you will all learn not to be so lazy"
MORAL OF THE STORY = There is just no way to teach Baby about Christmas spirit so heads down, bums up and get working!

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