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New Years edition 2017
Pop the bubbly and put your feet up while you catch up with the latest at the clinic. Read our top 3 New Years Resolutions for you and your pets. Meet this month's puppy preschool graduates. Read Dr Kate's tips on how to experience a happier and healthier 2017. Baby (the clinic mascot) shares his Spring cleaning tips for the New Year. Find tips on preparing your pet for fireworks. Book your free new puppy/kitten checkups now.

  Puppy Preschool Grads

These "pawsome" pups had a ball at puppy preschool. After showing Vivian their most impressive tricks, they were all treated to a celebratory pup-cake. Congratulations to the pups and their dedicated owners!!! Go to our facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/moffatbeachvet/ for more cute puppy piccies.

Did you get a new puppy or kitten for Christmas? 
If Santa left a new addition in your Santa-sack make sure you come down to see us soon for a free checkup. As part of our caring service we will check over new puppies or kittens for any problems that may not be obvious. We will give you the best advice on what is safe to use for worms, fleas and ticks. And we will ring you when vaccinations are due. Owning a new puppy or kitten has never been easier!!

Top 3 New Years Resolutions for you and your pet in 2017
(from our resident P T Dr Kate)


 Did you know that last year, our very own Dr Kate Shipton completed her qualifications to become a personal trainer? We are super proud of her achievement (where she found time to do the course while being a busy vet we don't know!). Follow Dr Kate's tips on how you and your pet can experience a happier and healthier year in 2017....

1 - Exerscise more: If regular exercise is a health benefit, why don’t we do more of it?  One of the reasons is that we make big plans that are hard to maintain and sometimes not very fun.  It is much more fun to exercise with pets, so come up with activities that you can do together, start slow – and build from there. Your pet will benefit from the exercise and extra attention as much as you will! Click on this link to learn a good workout for you and your pooch -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPXS6Ge_Vqo

2 - Eat well: Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is great for you and is also good for your pet. Premium quality pet foods can not only help keep your pets healthy but can also prolong their lives.  Make sure to check in with your Veterinarian about what you are feeding your pet and ask if they have any recommendations.


3 - Go to the doctor for checkups: For both pets and people, regular physical examinations are a very important step in staying healthy and are a cornerstone of preventative care.  Give your own physician and your pet’s Veterinarian the opportunity to keep the two of you the healthiest possible; Don’t put off that regular physical examination.  

Pets age much more rapidly than people.  So, a once yearly visit to the Vet for pets is the same as us visiting our Doctor every three to seven years.  This is why we recommend annual physical examinations for young pets and twice yearly examinations once your pet becomes a senior (over seven years of age).   


Prepare your dog for fireworks this New Years Eve

If your dog cowers in a corner when the fireworks start read these tips for a safe and secure New Years Eve celebration.
  • Ensure your dog is microchipped and collars and tags are current
  • Check fences are secure
  • Confine your dog during the fireworks and allow them to hide in safe place. Close windows and doors to your home and pull the blinds or shades if flashes of fireworks are visible.  Spray the bedding with DAP - a pheromone spray which mimics the natural way a female dog comforts her puppies.  Diffusers are available and can be useful for storm season.
  • Comfort your dog with treats and lots of petting. Playing calming music in the background may be helpful for both pets and pet owners.
  • Your pet may require sedatives from your Veterinarian. Desensitising treatment can be useful.
  • A comforting body wrap can provide some relief for Fido during storms or fireworks displays.
Being scared is stressful. Be a friend to your dog and do whatever it takes to make them feel better.

Baby Blog:
New Year cleaning tips for you and your home

 Anyone who enjoys a good red wine at their New Year's Eve party will know how annoying the stains are if spilt. My top tip? Make sure your shirt and carpets are the same colour as the wine and presto, you and the house are clean!
New Year's Eve fireworks are often frightening for dogs (stupid creatures). If you follow Dr Linda's tips and keep them inside during the event, you're going to end up with one helluva pile of dog drool and other umentionable bodily secretions to clean up! My tip? Attach an icecream bucket to your dog's collar to catch all the drool and "Tena lady" disposable nappy pants work a treat at the other end. Bingo! your house is clean.
Cats love to play with tinsel and other christmas tree ornaments but they do nothing to help you clean up or pack them away when the New Year comes. Also, they leave all their hair around the house. My top tip? Take your cat to the vet and have them put to sleep and Bingo, your house is clean!  Oh Oh! Dr Linda is coming and I think she might have just read that last line - gotta fly before she makes me into a feather duster and makes the clinic clean.

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