Yappy New Year from Moffat Beach Vets 2018

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New Years edition 2018
Pop the bubbly and put your feet up while you catch up with the latest at the clinic. Read our top tips to a Happy New Year for your pets and how to keep your Kitty comfy over the flea season. We announce the winner of the festive furry friends photo competition. Baby (the birdy clinic mascot) shares his New Years Resolutions for 2018.

Over the New Year we are closed from
Saturday 31 December at 12 noon until Tuesday 3rd January at 8.30am.

 In case of emergency ring 5491 1056 
You will be diverted to the Animal Emergency Service, which is open all hours over the holiday period.

Did you get a new puppy or kitten for Christmas? 
If Santa left a new addition in your Santa-sack make sure you come down to see us soon for a free checkup. As part of our caring service we will check over new puppies or kittens for any problems that may not be obvious. We will give you the best advice on what is safe to use for worms, fleas and ticks. And we will ring you when vaccinations are due. Owning a new puppy or kitten has never been easier!!

 Top tips to a Happy New Year for your pets! 
Remember these top tips to make sure your pet has a hazard free Happy New Year!

1. Heatstroke

Our pets can overheat very easily. Always make sure your pet has access to good shade and plenty of fresh water. Never exercise your pet in the heat of the day and NEVER leave your pet in your car, even if it is just for a few minutes. A 25 degree day can lead to a car cabin temperature of near 50 degrees in just 30 minutes. Watch this utube video to understand how easy it is to overheat in a car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOlARDi0sfk

2. Parasite Prevention
Pesky fleas, flies, disease carrying mosquitoes and deadly ticks want to party with your pet so you need to be on top of prevention. Prevention is easy if you know what works -  just ask us! 

3. Snakes 

Warmer weather means snakes may be out enjoying the sunshine. Take care walking your dog - especially around bodies of water or near long grass. Curious cats are also at risk. Signs of snake bite include dilated pupils, drooling, trembling and collapse. 

4. Road trippin'

If you are travelling with your pets in the car make sure your furry friends are secured safely. Put your cats in cages and buckle up your dogs with a harness. 

 If animals made New Years Resolutions...... 

No need, I'm already a vision of perfection.

Love everything more.
Also maybe eat some poop.
(I'll definitely eat some poop)

Make more rabbits

Improve public image

Did you get a puppy or kitten for Christmas?
Don't forget to bring your new pet in for a free Vet checkup within 7 days of purchase. We will work with you to ensure your pet gets the very best start in life.
Book your puppy for puppy preschool classes.
Training your new addition will ensure that your little furry bundle grows into a delightful dog. Make a booking now on 5491 1056.

Festive Furry Friends Photo Competition:
How cute are  this year's contestants?
They all put such a big effort into dressing up that we couldn't decide on a winner and had to put all their names into a hat and draw out the winner..... Quila the Christmas Elf . The prize? A doggy Xmas hamper. Congratulations to all for taking part.
Go on to our Facebook Page at 
to check out the photos.  
Annual Christmas Charity Drive

Our annual Christmas appeal was a huge success again this year thanks to generous donations from all. Your kind gifts brought a little bit of santa-goodness to those animals still looking for their furever homes. This year, donations will be given to the animal rescue group, Silver Lining.

 Did you need a catch up New Year's day snooze? Check out these kitties catching up on their zzzz's ! 

Don't let your cat get a New Years Itch!!!!!

It’s that time of year again – you guessed it, the fleas are out in force, so it's time to focus on fleas in our feline friends.
It is a common misconception among many cat owners that cats don’t get fleas. Time and again, we see cats that are losing their hair and very itchy and the owners are adamant there are no fleas because they cannot see them. There is a very good reason that you won’t see fleas on a cat – cats groom themselves.
While fleas cause a lot of local irritation to the skin and can make your pet feel uncomfortable and itchy, they are not always the real danger. Fleas carry diseases and these can be spread to your cat (or you) and make them critically ill. Organisms like Mycoplasma felis are spread by the flea and cause life threatening anaemia (some cats will require a blood transfusion after being infected with this organism). The worrying thing about this organism is that it cannot be totally eliminated from your cat’s system and so can act like a ticking time bomb for the rest of their life! Fleas also carry cat scratch fever (a deadly disease that infects you if you get scratched by your cat – even in play) and tape worms. 
But enough doom and gloom! Let’s start the New Year afresh and make it our resolution to keep our cats healthy. Use a reputable flea control product (we like Revolution because it also controls heartworm and intestinal worms and is easy to apply onto the back of the neck) every month and keep your kitty cruising!

Baby Blog:

Baby's New Years Resolutions for 2018:

Welcome to the New Year! I thought I would formulate some new year’s resolutions for 2018, so I googled the top five resolutions people made last year. They were…

1.   Lose weight
2.   Get organised
3.   Spend less, save more
4.   Stay fit and healthy.
5.   Enjoy life to the fullest 

At 90grams, I am already optimal weight for a cockatiel so I’ve scratched number one off the list. Living the life of Reilly at Moffat Beach Vet Surgery, I don’t really have to organise much in my life so I’ve been able to peck out number two on the list. Being a bird, I’ve got no finances anyway so number 3 is out. Living in a vet clinic, I’ve no problems with my health so number 4 is a no go for me too. I guess I will have to go with number five and enjoy life to the fullest – look out girls! I expect a full body massage including beak and feathers daily, a bird bath once a week, top quality food and treats daily and lots of kisses and cuddles. I mean, you wouldn’t want me to break my resolution would you Dr Linda???


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