Spring News 2017 from Moffat Beach Vets

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Puppy Preschool Grads:

Meet this month's puppy preschool graduates. The puppies each learned a trick for graduation day - Blake the Springer Spaniel shook paws, Penny the cavoodle fetched her toy, Coco the lab crawled, Ollie dropped and shook paws. Clever puppies!! Congratulations to you and your devoted owners. You are well on the way to becoming beautifully behaved dogs.  Go to our facebook page for more cute puppy preschool photos.

Win a blanket for your pet:
Even when Spring is around the corner pets still love to snuggle up in a warm blanket. You can go into the draw to win a cosy cuddly blanket for you pet. Click on our facebook page to enter. You just have to "like" the blanket giveaway post and tag a friend whose pet could use a new Snuggle Rug, to go in the draw. 
Donate any unwanted blankets to pets in need. Drop them into the Surgery and we will pass them onto the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge.

Top 3 Dental care tips:
The Moffat Beach Vets team are passionate about keeping your pets' teeth healthy and clean. Here are the top 3 ways you can keep your pets smiling.
1. Brushing: Brushing is the cheapest and most effective way of keeping your pets' teeth clean. Always use a pet toothpaste and a toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles. Brush daily for the best result.
2. Feed a dental diet food: Dry food that cleans your pets' teeth as they chew is and easy way to keep teeth white. 
3. Feed dental treats and raw, meaty bones. It is important to make sure the bones are raw and soft - brisket bones and chicken necks, wings and legs are a great choice. Cooked bones and shank bones are so hard they can crack teeth! 

If your pet already has brown teeth with red gums and smelly breath you will need professional help. Bring them in for a complimentary dental checkup and our trained team will formulate a dental treatment plan to suit your furry friend.

What's new?
Nurses Jo and Alex have been researching the easiest way you can keep your furry friend's fangs fantastic. They has found new Oravet chews.They help reduce the formation of plaque and calculus on the teeth.The chews contain Delmopinol, which forms a barrier to bacteria and will reduce smelly breath by 59%.  When these yummy chews are fed daily they will keep your dog's breath fresh. Which means more kisses for you...

RSPCA cupcake week:
Thanks to everyone for supporting Moffat Beach Vet's RSPCA cupcake week. Together we raised an incredible $100 to help pets in need. 

Happy Fathers Day to all our special pet lovers....
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