Mothers Day Special 2017

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May Mothers Day Special 2017

Hi there! It's time to grab a cuppa, sit down with some chocolates and flowers and enjoy this month's news.  Meet our latest puppy preschol grads. Read how mothers day flowers can be poisonous to your cats. Learn how to tell if your pets are overweight and how to get them back into shape.  Baby (the birdy clinic mascot) has written a heart wrenching ode to his mother.

 Puppy Preschool Grads


Meet Raven, Axel and Coco. These "pawsome" pups recently had a ball at puppy preschool. After showing Vivian their most impressive tricks, they were all treated to a celebratory graduation pup-cake. Congratulations to the pups and their dedicated owners!!! Go to our facebook page at: for more cute puppy piccies.

Lillies are toxic to cats:
 With mother’s day approaching, many of the lucky mums among us will receive gorgeous flowers, but did you know that your lovely lilies are lethal for your cat? All parts of the lily plant are toxic and ingestion of less than one leaf can produce severe intoxication. The added problem in cats is the pollen from the flowers. This will easily brush onto the coat and when the cat grooms, toxin is ingested. Within 2 hours of ingestion, signs of depression, vomiting and anorexia will begin and intensify for 24-72 hours. If treatment is not sought within 18 hours of ingestion, irreversible kidney damage can occur. Untreated pets will die within 5 days of ingestion. So if you do receive some lilies in your mother’s day bouquet, make sure you keep the bunch in a room your cat cannot access or remove the lilies from the bunch and immediately pop them in the wheelie bin.


Have you got a chubby fur-bubby ?: 

The best way to check if your pet is overweight is to stand above pets and look down on them. You should be able to feel their ribs but not see them. If you can’t see their ribs, place your hands on the side of their chest and if you can’t feel the ribs, they’re overweight.
Both dogs and cats should also have a nice taper at their waist. If there is very little or none at all, they are too heavy and they’ll be oval shaped. They’ll be egg shaped rather than hourglass. 
And a very overweight pet will have a pendulous abdomen, hip fat, and neck fat, all of which are very noticeable.


Why does your portly pet need help?: 

It is cosy to cuddle up to our pets in winter, but if they are carrying some extra weight they are at risk of many problems, including……
·        Diabetes
·        Heart disease
·        Joint problems and pain
·        Skin issues
·        Heat intolerance 

Join our Woofers Weight Watchers and Biggest Meowser program!:

In May we are running a weight loss program for your pets. All you have to do is book a weigh-in with the team and we will prepare a weight management program for your pet, free of charge.  We will work out the purr-fect weight for your pet and what you need to do to get your pet’s hourglass figure back. This will involve an exercise program, changing your pet's diet and regular free follow-up progress visits to make sure your pet is on track. 
Keeping your pets at their ultimate weight will give them a new lease on life and extra vitality. Better still, being fitter will give your pets their best chance to live a long, healthy life, so you can enjoy more happy times together.

Healthy Snacks for your pet:


Ice cubes (on a hot day) 

Baby Blog: Ode to a Mother

Mum you're always loving and you're always there for me
Only you could love me still when I spill your cup of tea (after you have been trying to make it for over an hour in the first place)
There's no one else quite like you when you smile on me with love
Heaven was looking out for me when they sent you from above
Every day I look at you and thank my lucky star
Really, really love you mum (ps - could I borrow the car?)

To all the lovely mums out there - Happy Mother's Day!!


Happy Mothers Day to all our mums.
Have fun with your fur-babies.

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