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Meowy Christmas News 2017
Christmas is just around the corner.  Brush away the tinsel, pour a cool drink and take a seat to catch up on the latest news at Moffat Beach VetsEnter our festive furry friends photo competition for your chance to win amazing prizes.  Learn how to keep your pets comfortable when the mercury rises. Baby has written his Christmas gift list already....and the team are not impressed!


We are closed for Christmas fun from:
Saturday 24 December at 12 noon to Wednesday 28th December at 8.30am.

Over the New Year we are closed from
Saturday 31 December at 12 noon until Tuesday 3rd January at 8.30am.

 In case of emergency ring 5491 1056 
You will be diverted to the Animal Emergency Service, which is open all hours over the holiday period.

Festive Furry Friends Photo Competition

Go in the draw to win a Xmas hamper for your pets this festive season. All you have to do is post a picture of your pets dressed for Xmas celebrations on our facebook page and share with your friends. So, go to and start snapping and sharing.....

 Look out for your snail mail christmas letter arriving soon!!
Catch up on the latest gossip from the team. Learn how to make sure your pets stay safe over the silly season and take the stress out of holidays with pets. Enjoy the gift of giving to a disadvantaged pet.
Bring in your lucky dip slip to redeem a present for your pampered pooch or your "fully spoilt" feline.

Annual Christmas Charity Drive

As many of our Moffat Beach Vet family know, every year we hold a Christmas appeal in order to bring a little bit of santa-goodness to those animals still looking for their furever homes. This year, donations will be given to the animal rescue group, Silver Lining. Much appreciated donations may consist of:
• Food
• Treats
• Newspaper and litter
• Food bowls
• Towels and blankets
• Washing liquid
• Leads and collars
• Jackets and coats for winter 

You can make a difference to those pets who don’t have homes over Christmas. Drop off your donations to the clinic and we will pass them onto Silver LIning volunteers. With every donation we will add a tag to our Christmas Tree, to say thank you for your support!


Thinking of a puppy or kitten for Christmas?
Don't forget to bring your new pet in for a free Vet checkup within 7 days of purchase. We will work with you to ensure your pet gets the very best start in life.
Book your puppy for puppy preschool classes.
Training your new addition will ensure that your little furry bundle grows into a delightful dog. Make a booking now on 5491 1056.

Keep your pets cool over Summer!
The hot, humid Summer days are stifling. Our pets can become stressed and die if they become overheated. Watch for excessive panting, vomiting, collapse, lethargy and in severe cases seizures. If you are at all concerned about your pet please contact the clinic on 5491 1056. Seek emergency treatment as soon as possible.
Top tips to help your pets keep their cool when the thermometer rises.
  • NEVER leave your pets in a car. Even in a mild summers day the car can heat up to deadly levels very quickly.
  • Have pets in the house where possible, or a well ventilated area.
  • Always ensure access to areas of shade if outside.
  • On particularly hot days leave out additional buckets of water. Multiple buckets/containers is ideal in case one gets knocked over.
  • Freeze treats or raw chicken bones in an ice-cream container full of water overnight. It will keep your dog entertained and cool the next day.
  • Clam shell pools full of water can offer relief in the extreme heat.
  • Don't exercise or walk in the heat of the day.
  • Be careful walking pets on concrete or roads on hot days. It can get very hot and burn foot pads
Feel free to share with us any other tricks you may use via email at or via our Facebook page.


Baby's Christmas Present List:  

  • Tash = CD of “Baby’s greatest hits” so Tash has some great music to listen to while tooling around in her mini van. Hits include my rendition of “The Addams Family”, “Pop Goes the Weasel”, “Wolf Whistle Blues” and “Baby is Great (Caloundra Music Festival Edition)”
  • Alex = A box of paracetamol to cure her headaches when she has had enough of me screaming at her in the morning (any left overs can be used to poison her cats – hee hee hee)

Jo = new hearing aids so she can appreciate Tash’s gift

  • Dr Linda = autographs (read – bite marks) over important paperwork to remind her that there are more important things in life than doing paperwork (ie me!!!)
  • Dr Vanessa = a one way ticket to the nearest mental institution – I mean, the woman keeps pet rats – seriously!

Meowy Christmas wishes....

heartYour friendly Petcare Team
At the Moffat Beach Vets