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Valentine's Month 

Kick back in front of the fan with a cool drink and take the time to catch up on the latest hearty clinic news.  This month read about how heartworm is on the rise. Meet Sandy, our case of the month and read her heartbreaking story. Come into the surgery in February and receive a love heart chocolate (don't share with your furry friends as chocolate is toxic to pets). Hurry, Baby (the cheeky birdy clinic mascot) has his eye on them! He loves chocolates (chewing the gold foil is fun). 

Thanks everyone!

A huge thanks to all the generous people that donated to our Christmas Charity Drive. There were donations of money, food, blankets, toys and everything a homeless pet might need when being rehomed through Silver LIning Pet Rescue. Your donations made it a merry Christmas for many needy cats and dogs. 

The Team's Gold Treatment:  

The team chose the Gold Treatment for their Christmas party recently. They were wined and dined while enjoying a movie at the Gold Class Cinema in Brisbane. It was a great way to thank them for all the hard work they put into making each and every pet feel special when they come into the clinic. 

Bring your seniors pets down for regular vetchecks 
Did you know that pets 7 years or older are classified as seniors? Just like us, many aging changes and the diseases associated with them can creep up, with symptoms unnoticed until the condition is quite advanced.  Here at Moffat Beach Veterinary Surgery, we are committed to detecting disease early and ensuring that your golden oldie has the best quality of life. We recommend 6 monthly health examinations and a full blood test at least once a year as the best way to make sure your beloved fur baby lives to a ripe old age (and hopefully scores a letter from the queen in the process!) We make use of a holistic approach to health care and work with you to tailor a health program to suit your pet. So if it's been a while since you've seen the vet, why not book now for your senior's health check and start moving towards a healthier future today.    
Case of the Month:  Sandy's heartache

Sandy the senior Tenterfield Terrier has a heart murmur which was picked up at a regular senior health examination. She was slowing down a bit, but still liked going for her walks to the beach. A full blood test confirmed heart disease (there was a marker which was high). Chest xrays were taken to measure her heart size and look for any fluid on the lungs and the results were normal. This meant Sandy did have heart disease, but because she didn't have many symptoms yet, she didn't need to start medication.  We let Sandy's mum know that regular heart checks were important. When Sandy began coughing a few months later she was brought straight down for a checkup.  Xrays showed that her heart was now larger than normal size and there was fluid building up in the lungs. Now was the time to start some medicine to support Sandy's heart and remove the fluid from her lungs. Within a day of starting her medication Sandy had no more fluid in her lungs and she was no longer bothered by that nasty cough at night. Six months later, she is still enjoying a daily run on the beach and there is no stopping her!

Sadly, the first thing many owners know about a heart problem in their pets is at a  trip to the emergency room after a sudden collapse on a walk or at the beach. By the time a dog gets to this point, it can be very difficult to control the heart disease at all so it is wonderful to see how well Sandy is responding to her medication.

We can't stress enough how important it is to have your pets checked regularly by a Vet. For pets over 7 years old it is recommended they have a regular full examination every six months and blood testing at least every 12 months. This is because pets age faster than humans; 4-7 years for every one of our human years!!
So be proactive to keep your pet active for life!

Meet Ashleigh: 

Many of you may have seen Ashleigh's happy face around the clinic over the last two weeks. Ashleigh is studying Veterinary Science at Murdoch University and did work experience at our clinic. It was a pleasure to have Ashleigh on the team. She is pictured here cuddling Sammi while he was recovering from a big operation.

Prevalence of Heartworm infection on the rise!!!!……..
February is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. While you enjoy exchanging cards and presents with your loved ones this month, don’t forget about your pets. In 2013, Zoetis Animal Health ran a nation wide heartworm surveillance program and the results were shocking and heartbreaking. Only 47% of pet dogs were on a year-round heartworm prevention program despite the fact that heartworm disease is on the rise. Climate change leading to warmer temperatures and higher humidity means that there are more mosquitoes around than ever. A bite from an infected mosquito is all it takes for your beloved dog (or cat) to contract heartworm. The project documented a 2100% rise in infection since 2012!!! So if you are not already using heartworm prevention, why not call the clinic today and get an annual injection for your dog or stock up on Revolution to protect you cat from heartworm infection. 

Did you know cats get Heartworm too?
Cats catch heartworm the same way dogs do - from mosquitoes. Cats with heartworm disease can have coughing, laboured breathing and vomiting. However, sometimes heartworm will cause sudden death in cats, with no warning. 
The good news?
Heartworm is easy to prevent in cats. If you are worried your cat is at risk talk to one of our friendly team. They will give you the best advice to keep your cat living a long, healthy and hearty life.



Baby Blog: 
So what do you think of my Valentine's day selfie?  I beak-crafted these little love hearts from rose petals taken straight from Dr Linda's garden. Here I am placing them on her bed sheets (I did use one of them to cover up a birdie poo-stain but if everyone keeps quiet on that she'll never know) Oh no! I think I can hear her yelling out at Nurse Alex now that someone has destroyed all her roses. I'm outta here!!! Signing off til next month xx 
Love, Babyheart

Keep your pets safe and give them lots of loving 

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