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Winter is well and truly here, so take some time out to catch up on this month's news. Meet our latest puppy preschool grads. Meet our newest team member, and read up on winter weather tips.  Our case of the month has therapeutic Laser treatment and acupuncture to control his pain with amazing results. Bring your pet in for a free laser therapy with every arthritis checkup. Book an arthritis checkup for your old friend and they will be pampered with a free laser therapy session. Baby's creative genius has gone feral. 

Puppy Grads: 

June's puppy grads are well on their way to becoming delightful dogs. The pups had to learn a trick to graduate. Sailor fetches a ball, Zeus climbs up ladders, Leia plays chasey, Asha drops and rolls.  Congratulations to the puppies and their proud owners. Django couldn't make it for  graduation :(  Go to facebook at for more cute photos.

Winter Weather tips:
·       In cold weather bring your pets inside if possible
·       Consider a coat if your pet has short hair
·       Shelter should be clean, dry and insulated
·       Don’t leave your pets in the car (even in Winter)
·       Check under and around your vehicle before starting it up- cats love to sleep on warm tyres or even under the bonnet.

Welcome Tash:
Tash is our newest team member and a delightful addition to our Moffat Beach family. She has come all the way from chilly Victoria to work for us as a Veterinary Nurse. She loves animals and has many fur-babies to care for at home. Give Tash a big Caloundra welcome next time you come in.......

International Kissing Day: July 6

This special day was invented to remind us all of the simple pleasure a sweet kiss can bring. So grab you closest furry friend, pucker up and give them an "air kiss". (Don't kiss your pets on the mouth because they harbour nasty bacteria, especially if they are due for a dental). Then, spend some time cuddling and playing with them. They will love you for it.

Case of the Month:   Hervey's Amazing Laser Treatments 

Hervey is a young, active Border Collie. He loves to play with his friends and chase birds that come into his yard. When he overdoes it he gets trigger points which are painful areas in the muscles and the tissue surrounding the muslces. When he gets sore he visits Dr Linda for therapeutic laser, acupuncture and massage. His owner uses heat packs, massage and stretching between treatments and he is back racing around again in no time. 

Hervey wears"doggles" to protect his eyes during the laser therapy.

“Beam your pets up...”
We are proud that  Moffat Beach Vets are the first Vets on the Sunshine Coast to offer Therapeutic laser!
Laser is a natural, painless way to relieve pain, speeding up healing and reducing swelling. It can be used with acupuncture, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), massage therapy, herbs and conventional medicine to help your pets.
Your pet can benefit from laser if it has any of the following problems:
·       Arthritis
·       Back problems
·       Strained muscles and strains
·       Gingivitis
·       Wounds
and more....

Discover how laser can help your pets to live without pain…
Book now for an arthritis examination with your pet and get the first laser session free.
Hurry! - phone 5491 1056 
before we book out.  

Congratulations Chilli
Chilli was the lucky winner of May's competition. She is pictured here looking very please with her win. Her friend Diesel is trying to break into the bag while she is looking the other way. Chilli's Owner shared the competition post on facebook and was rewarded with a $130 bag of food. Chilli is looking much fitter since she started woofer weight watchers. Well done!! Enjoy your prize.    

Baby Blog: 
I am trying to convince one of the team to get a tatto of me. I designed this one and I love it. Maybe the new girl Tash will be easier to convince than the rest of the old bats. I like the idea so much that if no-one puts their hand up I'm thinking of getting one on my chest. Wait..... I would have to be plucked first - second thoughts it would be a good design to put on my next birthday seedcake.        

Keep your pets safe and warm over winter
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