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Howling Halloween Edition, October 2017
Welcome to our Halloween special edition. Take the time this Queen's Birthday long weekend to catch up on the latest news from the Beach. This month you can read up on the latest puppy preschool graduates, real live creepy crawlies and why Halloween candy and pets don't mix . Our makeup tips will ensure you have a grumpy halloween.  Catch up on Baby's Caloundra Music Festival blog.
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This month’s contents:
  1. World Animal day
  2. Puppy Preschool Grads
  3. Stormy, the Moffat Miracle 
  4. Real live creepy crawlies alert!
  5. Why Candy and pets don't mix 
  6. Grumpy Halloween
  7. Baby Caloundra Music Festival Blog

World Animal Day: 

October 4, a day to remember and celebrate all animals 
Click on this link to learn more:

Puppy Preschool Grads: 

Congratulation to this month's puppy preschool graduates Bronte, Ollie, April and Murphy.  
They celebrated at a Grad party complete with tricks and pupcakes. All the puppies learned a trick - Bronte shakes paws and crawls, Ollie drops and sits, April shakes paws, Murphy fetchesa ball. Congratulations to all the pups and their proud owners!!!
 Keep up the good work training your puppies to be amazing adults. For more cute pictures go to our facebook page at   

Stormy, the Moffat Miracle 
Tragically, 9 year old 'Stormy' was dumped at the clinic with tick paralysis. He was in such a bad way that we didn't think he would make it through the night, but with the care of Nurse Alex and Dr Vanessa he slowly made a comeback. Nurse Alex has now taken him home and the poor paralysed boy has made a full recovery. He is back to his normal self- eating , drinking , jumping, purring and most of all SNUGGLING! He is an attention fiend and Nurse Alex is more than happy to oblige ... Stormy is truly a Moffat Miracle.

Help Stormy find a home:
Do you have a space in your life for Stormy? The team are dedicated to finding Stormy a new home. He is booked for a veterinary examination and vaccination to ensure he has made a full recovery and is healthy enough to find a new family.
Click here to see some live footage of Stormy:

Real Live Creepy Crawlies alert this Halloween:


So you thought “monsters” didn’t exist and that Halloween is nothing to be scared of??? Think again! Mother Nature is full of incredible creatures but you don’t want your pets to meet with these critters…..

Paralysis Ticks: 


These nasty little arthropods love the warmer weather and are just waiting to latch on to both dogs and cats. As the ticks feed on your pet, they also inject saliva which contains neurotoxins. Your Fur baby might show some of the following signs if they are affected.

Wobbly or unsteady back legs

A cough

A change to the sound of their bark or meow

Vomiting or regurgitation.

Paralysis ticks are deadly but can be prevented by using an appropriate tick control product. And remember – nothing beats a daily tick search. Let your fingers do the walking and give your pet a luxurious massage while hunting for any odd lumps or bumps. If you do find a tick, pull it off and take it and your pet to the clinic as soon as possible.




The warmer weather is the time for snakes to become active. We often have reports of snakes in and around the sand dunes at the beach so please don’t let your dogs off lead in this area. Both dogs and cats find snakes interesting and may try to attack them. Follow these tips to try and prevent your pet coming into contact with a snake

Don’t leave rubbish or old building materials around the yard as these are tempting areas for snakes to hide

Keep lawns short

Avoid letting your dog off leash in bushy areas or in the sand dunes.




This killer is spread by mosquitoes so the warmer months are often associated with a greater prevalence of infection. Heart worm can be a silent killer of both dogs and cats and prevention is definitely better than cure. Wild dogs and foxes can be a source of ongoing infection for pets. The easiest way to prevent Heartworm in dogs is to get an annual heartworm injection from your Vet- you can never forget it!  Make sure your cat is on a monthly heartworm prevention product such as Advocate, Revolution or Milbemax. 


Why Halloween candy and pets don't mix

Halloween is becoming a more popular holiday in Australia and more and more children are going “trick or treating”. While most of us love to include our pets in all of our holiday activities, it is definitely best to give the candy a miss. Most of us are well aware of chocolate toxicity and know to keep this away from our pets. Both dogs and cats can be attracted to sweet candy and dogs in particular will often raid a lolly bag, eating wrappers and all. The plastic wrappers and the lolly pop sticks can act as foreign bodies and your Fur Baby might need surgery to remove them. Many sugary treats today make use of artificial sweeteners and xylitol in particular is extremely toxic to pets. So make sure you keep all your Halloween stash well out of reach of the pets this October!

Grumpy Halloween....
Feeling like your halloween costume needs a spooky lift? Not in the mood for Halloween this year? Make your party friends run the other way when they see you with Grumpy cat makeup.  Go to this link for a tutorial which will bring a smile to your scary sad face.

Baby's Caloundra Music Festival Blog:

All I ever hear about this time of year is how great the Caloundra Music Festival is! All the clients come in raving about this band or that band and what a great time they had. I’ve lived here at Moffat Beach Vet Surgery for 13 years and not once have I ever got an invitation to go and see this iconic event. Well, enough’s enough! This year not only am I going, but I’m going to perform (well, until the security guards drag me off stage that is – hee hee) I was thinking about whistling the theme song from the Adam’s Family or maybe Pop goes the Weasel but then I thought I might add something new to the repertoire. All you dedicated Baby Blog readers will be the first to see the lyrics of my much anticipated new hit single “I’m Baby, and I’m great” (sing it to the tune of the Adam’s family)

I’m cranky and I’m grumpy

My stature’s short and stumpy

When the cat’s around I’m Jumpy

I’m Baby and I’m great!

On Sundays I feel lazy

I’m actin’ kinda crazy

I’m old – my memory’s hazy

But I’m Baby and I’m great!


Happy Halloween to all our special pet lovers....
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