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Movember Racing News 2016
Pop on a fascinator and pop the bubbly.  Melbourne Cup is just around the corner. This month is Movember and Pet Diabetes Month.  Discover the signs of prostatic disease in the dog.  Watch out for signs of diabetes in your pets. Learn what to do if you find injured birds or wildlife. Baby (the birdy clinic mascot) is planning his own Melbourne Cup luncheon.

Puppy Preschool Grads:

Check out our lovely puppy class graduates Rosie, Polly and Ruby! They had an amazing time and learned lots of new tricks. As always, the pupcakes were a hit. Congratulations! Go to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/moffatbeachvet/ to see more cute photos.

Did you know...?

Caring members of the community bring hundreds of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife and birds into the clinic every year. We give treatment as required and pass the patients on to wonderful wildlife carers - volunteers that rehabilitate and release the animals and birds back into the wild.
Click on this link to download a brochure on how to help injured and baby native birds: Brochure


November is Diabetes awareness month. Does your pet show any of these signs? 

• Lethargy
• Excessive thirst
• Frequent Urination

If your pet is displaying any of these common signs, he or she may have diabetes. While there is no cure for diabetes, proper care can help diabetic  pets live a happy, healthy, active life. A simple blood test is used to check for diabetes.  If you are worried your pet could have diabetes, give us a call. 

Movember is for Dogs too...... 

Movember is responsible for the sprouting of millions of moustaches around the world. With their “Mo’s” men raise vital funds and awareness for prostate, testicular cancer and mental health. Movember is not just about men. Male dogs get prostate disease too so November is now also National Canine Prostate Awareness Month. More than 80% of entire male dogs over 5 years old suffer with prostate disease. 
Look for these signs of prostate problems in your old dog:
  • constipation
  • flatter ribbon-like stools
  • problems with urination
  • blood in faeces or urine
Our Vets will routinely check the prostate of any entire (non-castrated) male dog over 5 years old when they come in for their regular wellness examination. 

Annual Christmas Charity Drive

As many of our Moffat Beach Vet family know, every year we hold a Christmas appeal in order to bring a little bit of santa-goodness to those animals still looking for their furever homes.This year, donations will be given to the animal rescue group Silver Lining. Much appreciated donations may consist of: 
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Newspaper and litter
  • Food bowls
  • Towels and blankets
  • Washing liquid
  • Leads and collars
  • Jackets and coats for winter
  • money
You can make a difference to those pets who don’t have homes over Christmas.
With every donation we will add a tag to our Christmas Tree, to say thank you for your support!

Baby Blog: 
It's Melbourne cup again - my hasn't the year flown by!  This year I think I will host my own luncheon down at the beach - no cats allowed! I will definitely have a flutter on the race - pun completely intended! I have come up with a few ideas for the fancy menu but am still open to suggestions. I'm thinking a seed loaf with sea salt and balsamic vinegar as entree,  noodles with sesame seed garnish for the main and poppy seed cakes for dessert. Not too much seed?? And I better not forget the birdy bubbly as well.  I'll only drink a little - just to celebrate. (I don't want to feel seedy the next day!) Oh so much to plan, so little time to do it!!!! Gotta fly!!!!
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Good luck at the races....
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