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Hoppy Easter 2017
Hi there! Easter is almost here and it's time to grab a cuppa and enjoy this month's news.  Read about our clever puppy preschool graduates,  pet travel tips, woofer weight watchers, and cat arthritis. Catch some grooming tips from our Day Spa team. Pick up a loyalty card the next time your furry friend has an extreme makeover. Read about Sarbi, the recipient of an RSPCA purple heart award for bravery. Baby (the birdy clinic mascot) shares an Easter poem.....

Holiday hours:
The clinic will be closed from Thursday 13 April at 5.30pm until 8.30am Tuesday 18th April for the Easter Weekend.
The team wish you a very hoppy Easter. 

Anzac day holiday  is 25 April and the clinic will be closed from 5.30pm on Monday 
24 April until 8.30am Wednesday 26 April.
For all emergencies phone 5491 1056
Your call will be diverted to the dedicated team at the Sunshine Coast Animal Emergency Service. 

Safe EasterTravelling: 
If you are taking your pets away with you this Easter- be safe - buckle up your dog in a harness and buckle up your cat's carry cage.  
Use this petpack checklist to make sure you have everything your pets will need while you are away. And for those of you who enjoy camping - don't forget Paralysis Tick Prevention!!!
·                  Collar and ID tag with your mobile number on it
·                  Food and treats. Don’t forget a can opener!
·                  Bowls for food and water – carry a bottle of fresh water in case you can’t find a tap
·                  Bedding or a travel crate to sleep in
·                  Collars, harnesses and leads
·                  Your pet’s favourite toys or comfort items
·                  Absorbent mats
·                  Grooming equipment including a towel (especially important for beach holidays)
·                  A ‘pooper scooper’ and plastic bags to clean up after your pet
·                  Any required medications
·                  A pet first aid kit (available from St John Ambulance)
·                  List of emergency numbers such as poison control and the nearest vet
·                  A photo of your pet in case you become separated

 Grooming Tips from the Day Spa:  
Fleas are like headlice – nothing makes a hairdresser run in the other direction quicker! A great flea control product is a really important, and often overlooked part of caring for your pets skin and coat. Severe cases of flea infestation will cause your pet to pull out their fur, leaving unsightly bald patches. Constant licking or chewing of itchy areas will also leave gruesome brown stains on white furred pets.  Our favourite flea control product at the moment has got to be Bravecto (or Panoramis if you want added heartworm and intestinal worm protection). So hurry in to the clinic today and knock that flea problem on the head!  

Join our Day Spa loyalty program and be rewarded. 
You can earn a free bubble bath and blowdry after 5 grooms, and a free groom after 10 grooms. Pick up a loyalty card the next time your furry friend has an extreme makeover.

 Cats get Arthritis too!
As your cat grows older, you may notice they are less agile than their younger years. Usually, it’s just a normal part of ageing, but sometimes it can be a sign of osteoarthritis.

 1 in 3 cats suffer from osteoarthritis and this increases with age

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, which is primarily caused by general wear and tear of cartilage within joints over time, leading to inflammation, pain and decreased quality of life. 
Unfortunately, osteoarthritis in cats remains largely undiagnosed and untreated. Cats naturally disguise pain and discomfort, so they do not show obvious signs. You can play an important part in identifying osteoarthritis by recognising subtle changes in your cat’s behaviour. We hope to make you more aware of the common signs of osteoarthritis so it can be detected early to give your cat the best possible outcome.
Look for these four signs…..
·        Cat starts to use a chair or other object to jump up onto high surfaces.
·        Cat starts to play less and spend more time sleeping
·        Cat may be hesitant to climb stairs
Cat may use a chair or other object to help them jump down from a high surface.

If you are worried that your cat is in pain phone us for advice. We can have your cat back playing like a kitten in no time.


RSPCA Purple Heart award for Sarbi:

In 2011 Sarbi (a nine year old black Labrador) presented the RSPCA's Purple Cross for service inAfghanistan. The Purple Cross recognises the deeds of animals that have shown outstanding service to humans.

Sarbi went missing in Afghanistan in September 2008 following a battle between the Coalition and the Taliban. During the engagement nine Australian soldiers, including Sarbi's handler were wounded. Sarbi was discovered by an American soldier 13 months later and was reunited with her handler.
Sarbi is the ninth animal to be awarded the Purple Cross. She was also awarded the Afghanistan Medal. Sarbi died in 2015 at the ripe old age of 12.

Dogs and their handlers play a vital role in keeping our soldiers safe during deployment and it is great to see them getting the recognition they deserve for a job well done.


 Baby Blog: Best wishes from the Easter Parrot!
It’s April now and Easter is here, 
Time to bring on the chocolate cheer.
But keep it away from your cats and your dogs
Or else they’ll vomit and do runny bogs.
A big enough dose will cause fits and death too.
It’s not good for birds either, so whatever you do
Don’t give your pets chocolate treats on Easter day
Instead, give us kisses and cuddles and show your love that way.
Happy and safe Easter break to all my peeps!
Love baby.


Have fun with your pets over Easter.

heartYour friendly Petcare Team
At the Moffat Beach Vetsheart