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Dental Month August 2016
Take a well earned break to read our latest news. In August you can book anytime for a free dental checkup for your pet. Every dental gets a free gum laser treatment to "zap your pets' pain". Read 5 top tips on how to brush your pets teeth. Make up your mind on whether pet insurance is worth it. Baby wants to be a rockstar.

Puppy Preschool Party:  
Congratulations to last month's puppy preschool graduates. Stitch dressed up as a bumble bee and her graduation trick was to shake paws. Annie didn't make it to the party- read on to find out why.  Keep up the good work training your puppies to be amazing adults. 

Check up on your pet’s pearlies during dental month:


It’s August and “pet dental month” officially kicks off.  Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years of age have dental disease? If you have noticed bad breath, dirty teeth or bleeding gums, your pet is suffering from dental disease. Don't ignore these signs. Pets have been rushing in for their free dental check-ups and appointments are filling fast. Don't let your best mate miss out!!Your pet will also receive a free dental laser therapy session with their scale and polish when they book during dental month.


Feeding your pets Greenies daily is an easy way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. This month, we are offering $3 off cat greeies and $5 off dog greenies.

Phone 5491 1056 now to book your pets in for their dental exam.


“Zap your pet's dental pain during dental month”

Bertie looks uber cool in "doggles" - laser protection goggles for dogs

During Dental month we are offering a free gum laser treatment to all dentals. Laser will ensure your pets have fast recovery and relief from pain.

Mango loves his "moggles" - laser protection googles for moggies

Laser can also be used with acupuncture, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), massage therapy, herbs and conventional medicine to help your pets.
Your pet can benefit from laser if it has any of the following problems:
·       Arthritis
·       Back problems
·       Strained muscles and strains
·       Gingivitis
·       Wounds
and more....

Discover how laser can help your pets to live without pain…phone 5491 1056 

Top 5 brushing tips:

1. Check With Your Vet First - It is recommended to have your pet’s teeth evaluated before you start brushing. If your pets have brown teeth (tartar) and red or bleeding gums brushing will not help. It will also be harder to train your pet if they have painful gums.
2. Brush your pets' teeth daily. To get into a regular habit, keep the brush and toothpaste with your dog's lead and brush before going for a walk (the walk is your dog's reward). Alternatively you can brush before meals. Try brushing before spending time petting, when they are sleepy or just woken from a nap. 
3. Use the right tools - Use pet toothpaste (which is flavoured and low in fluoride) and 
a finger brush or a small extra soft brush.
4. Train your pets to have their teeth brushed. Starting when your pet is young is best, but it's never too late. Begin by offering the yummy toothpaste on your finger and let them lick it off the brush. When they are enjoying the toothpaste as a treat start brushing the front teeth and progress around to the back teeth as you become more confident. If your pet becomes upset stop and try again tomorrow. A gentle patient approach works best. It may take weeks to train your pet to accept brushing, but it is worth it for the health benefits.
5. Brush the outside of the teeth and keep the jaw closed. Aim to brush for one minute.

Annie's fractured fang...

Our very own puppy preschool graduate, Annie was chowing down on something hard and broke both of her baby fangs. Luckily only the top tooth needed to be pulled out. You can see in the photo below that the broken top tooth was discoloured. Annie had been a little grumpy lately but once the nasty tooth was removed she was back to her usual happy self.

Pet Health Insurance – is it worth it? 

In the last few years, there has been an explosion of pet health insurance options on the market and we are often asked by our clients – is it worth it? Our answer is a resounding YES! Just ask Annie's owner. Annie's fractured fang removal was not as painful for her owners because Annie was covered with pet insurance. There are many different insurance options on the market and no particular company is necessarily better or worse than another – it really depends on your individual needs and budget. Several companies offer a free 4 week trial and this can allow you time to research exactly who you want to go with in the end.  There are a few points that you should consider prior to purchasing cover
  • Ensure that the coverage is for life on each medical condition (some companies only pay up to a certain dollar value on each medical condition and once that amount is reached, then the condition is no longer covered. If your pet were to develop a chronic, life long condition such as heart disease, diabetes or arthritis, then their medications, blood tests etc. may then not be covered after the dollar limit is reached)
  • Ensure that the accident coverage applies wherever the animal may be (some insurances attached to home insurance policies will only cover the pet if it was injured at home)
  • See if there is third party liability included  - this will cover costs if your dog causes harm to someone else or their property (eg. Your dog is involved in a motor vehicle accident and the car is damaged)
  • Consider how much excess you are happy to pay.
  • Check when an excess applies (some companies will charge two excess fees if there are two conditions even though the pet has received only one vet visit – eg, the dog is treated for a skin condition and an ear infection on the same day, but two excesses are charged)
  • Consider whether you want some money back for routine care (eg. Vaccinations, flea and worming products) or whether you would prefer to forgo this type of cover but get more back for accident or illness.  

Congrats Abby:

Abby was the lucky winner of last month's Bravecto competition. She looks very happy with her prize of a pack of Bravecto! We think Abby looks Absoloutely Fabby in her fancy outfit.

Baby Blog: 
I have resteless wings and my days as the mascot at Moffat Beach Vets are over. I am ready for a career change so I had my personality profile done to find out where I will shine. The result was overwhelming - I am destined to be a rockstar. Music is my specialty. Many of my fans would remember being serenaded by my rendition of "the Adams Family" or appreciated a loud wolf whistle when visiting the clinic.  I have decided to take up singing and guitar lessons to help me on my road to stardom. I am keenly awaiting the production of "the Voice Birds" on channel 9. I would definitely turn all four chairs. It would be hard to decide which judge's team to join but I think I am leaning towards Ronan "Tweeting".


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